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Hi! My name is Lynette Snyman and I have worked as a children’s pastor in Cape Town, South Africa, for the last 23 years. People think it’s crazy to have been in one job for so long, but I love doing what I do!

Over the years I have grown so much as a person, and in my understanding of how ministering to children works. Initially I believed it was all about teaching children about God, but now I believe that we should be teaching children how to connect with God. 

Children should know that God is real and that He is with them. They should know how to speak to God, but also know when He is speaking to them. Knowledge is really important, but so is experience. When children are old enough to be given a choice about whether or not they want to attend church, I want them to choose to keep coming, because church is a place that helps them grow in their relationship with God, not just teaches them
a bunch of stuff.

I love working with others who are in this ministry, and I especially love to encourage and equip people in their journey. In the future I would love to spend more time training children’s church volunteers and staff, and I hope to have the opportunity to mentor children’s pastors who are just starting out.

Let's chat.

Feel free to contact me at or +27 82 699 4445

Websites for great children's ministry resources:

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